Why Am I Feeling Hurt?


I’ve read several books by, Gary Zukav, spiritual pioneer, master teacher and author of four consecutive New York Times best sellers.

Several years ago I listened to a podcast from 2016 and recently listened to it again.

The discussion and wisdom made a huge impact on my life then and it was so good to hear it again. So good, I wanted to share it with you. 

Maybe it will resonate with you and your relationships like it did for me.

It’s about paying attention to when your buttons have been pushed or negative feelings are triggered. Then, using those feelings as an opportunity to learn about yourself. 

Why am I feeling hurt? Why is this so important to me? 

Then, ask yourself, “Am I feeling inferior right now, or superior?” 

At the source of both his fear.


As always, if you feel led, I would be honored to hear your thoughts, feelings or questions that come up for you. Once I know what matter most, I’ll do my best to keep you encouraged and inspired.

Until next time.