How Do I Get It All In?

self care

Hi Beautiful People 

This weekend I had the honor of presenting at a health and fitness fest.

Before I began to teach–as we  waited for the event to begin, I introduced myself to a group of ladies at the table. I asked them “ What do you hope to learn or hear more about from me today?”

They thought for a moment and one of the ladies simply asked, “How do we fit it all in?”

Ahhh, the age old question.

She proceeded to tell me the schedule of her daily events and how by the end of the day she was pooped. With all her responsibilities, there just wasn’t enough time.

Good news! This is NOT true.

What is true is that yes, there’s a lot on our plate. But what's also true is, a lot of what’s on our plate gets there because WE put it there. WE decide what things or people or tasks we prioritize.

WE decide what things or people or tasks we give our time to.

Our choices reflect our priorities. So the simple answer to, “How do I fit it all in?” is….



Running my business and with  7 kids ( +1 if you count my husband ) my plate has always been full. For as long as I can remember. That's never been a problem, in fact I love the crazy life we have! 

However, it becomes a problem when I prioritize everything on my plate….ahead of ME. 

It becomes a problem when my self care practice gets put on the back burner. 

I’m OK for a day, maybe two? Any more than that and I’m asking for trouble. Everything and everyone suffers. No one gets the best of me at home or in my work. All the stress gets bigger,  challenges seem overwhelming, my sleep isn't great, and for me, before long depression or anxiety can creep in.

I’m not perfect at my self care/self love practice but putting ME first is my priortiy and it has to be the first part of my day.

Am I prioritizing myself?

If any of this sounds familiar, today is the day to start with YOU.

Any time you feel overwhelmed, first look within and ask yourself, “Am I prioritizing myself?”

If the answer is yes, no big deal. We all get off track.

Take a deep breath. Give yourself grace and remember how worthy you are to feel good. Remember how worthy you are to enjoy your life to the fullest then, start over.

And just like that your days will begin to feel less stressful.  You’ll feel like you have so much more “room on your plate” and so much more time in your day. You’ll feel more ease and more joy. Just like that you’ll feel better physically and emotionally. I promise.

YOU are worthy!