Hi! I’m Angie Gray.

I empower nurses and healthcare workers to become leaders of positive change in their workplace through communication that creates trust and gets better outcomes in their personal and professional relationships.


Hi! I'm Angie Gray.

I teach people how to communicate so that they can create trust and get better outcomes in their personal and professional relationships.

You Went Into Healthcare Because You Wanted to Make a Difference ...

You care about what you do because you know it matters, but being a nurse or worker in the healthcare industry today is more challenging than ever. Bullying, burnout, high turnover, overwhelm, and stress are the norm, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can be the catalyst for positive change and I'll show you how. 

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The Nurse Leadership Mastery Program


This program is designed specifically to empower nurse leaders, healthcare workers, and organizations to create a more collaborative and effective work environment and achieve great outcomes for patients. Earn nursing contact hours as you learn specific skills to connect, communicate, and create the positive change you want to see in the health care industry.

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Angie is a much-loved trainer and speaker and has appeared on television and trained for groups and organizations across the country. If you'd like to have Angie as a speaker for your group or a guest for your podcast or event, you can reach out here.

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Communication Mastery


Are you a leader in any line of work who is ready to say good-bye to feeling used and the stress of constant miscommunication? In Angie's signature program, you'll learn how to create healthy boundaries for yourself and communicate in a way that truly builds trust, connects with others, and creates great outcomes in your personal and professional relationships.

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Experience peace right now!


Gift yourself 9 minutes to relieve your stress and anxiety. Enjoy this brief, guided, mindfulness exercise you can do anytime, anywhere.

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Empowering people to create a life they love living through great communication, real connection and radical self-love is what I do. 

If you want to learn more about who I am and how I got here, then click the button below.


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"I love the practice work of applying the communication skills to everyday situations. It is challenging but also fun and I look forward to the results of improved communication and work produced out of these skills. Angie kept us on our toes and engaged. I loved the direct honest feedback from Angie and the group."


Briana, RN, System Clinical Officer

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